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Prior to 2005, the drinking water was owned and operated by the Borough of Coraopolis. The sanitary and storm sewer systems were owned by the Coraopolis Municipal Sanitary Authority (CMSA), however, operated by the borough.

CWSA is committed to distributing safe drinking water, properly disposing of and/or treating sewage and storm water, protecting public health and enhancing public safety through fire protection for its 2,500 residential and business customers throughout Coraopolis.

Six operating ground water wells are the drinking water source for the Borough, that water is transported to the water treatment plant before it is sent to the distribution system.  Over the course of an eight-hour period, the water treatment facility can process (including iron and manganese removal and water softening) and store some 700,000 gallons of drinking water for later distribution to residential and commercial locations.

Prior to 1958, sewage and storm water flowed untreated into the Ohio River.  Through a mandate by the Pennsylvania State Health Board, the Borough began treating sewage in 1958.  In 1968, the sewage treatment facility was upgraded to provide more comprehensive wastewater treatment and a subsequent expansion in 1977 allowed the facility to treat average flows of three million gallons per day and peak flows up to 8.7 million gallons.  Throughout the 24 miles of sewage collection system, three sewage pumping stations pump sewage from lower elevations to the community’s sewage collection system for transmission to the treatment facility.

Because many of the wells and parts of the sewage collection system originated with the development of the Borough, this important infrastructure is 100 years old or more and in need of repair and/or replacement.  While several improvements have been implemented since the Authority’s formation in 2005.  CWSA developed and implemented a $10 million improvement plan to address aging,  deteriorated, and deficient portions of both the drinking water and sewage collection systems in 2008.  That water project primarily consisted of replacement of 2 water storage tanks, construction of a new water pump station, roughly 3 miles of water line.

CWSA holds it regular public meetings every third Tuesday of the month at 6:00 p.m. in the Coraopolis Municipal Building.

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